Ethiopian Israelis Bring International Attention to Worldwide Diaspora Movement

The growing Ethiopian Diaspora movement, #NoMore!, is attracting increasing international media coverage. In the following article The Jerusalem Post highlights the Ethiopian Israeli community that staged "a big rally" in Israel this month as part of the global movement to counter misinformation about Ethiopia. (Photo: JPost)

The Jerusalem Post

Rally in Jerusalem by Ethiopian Israelis as a Part of the Worldwide Move

In the past two weeks, the Ethiopian diaspora community all over the world staged rallies joining the #NoMore! movement. Likewise, the Ethiopian Israelis organized a big rally in Jerusalem on November 21 and December 13 urging some governments of western countries to stop the pressure on Ethiopia.

During the first rally, the community started the demonstrations around the office of the prime minister and walked to the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. I was watching the willpower and passion of thousands of Ethiopian Israelis who were taking part in the march. My colleagues at IETV interviewed many of the participants and all of them expressed their conviction that Ethiopia will prevail. I was impressed by the remarks of one elderly women in the crowd who indicated that God of Israel will bestow peace upon Ethiopia because King David said in his songs “Ethiopia stretches her hands to Elohim.”

In the past one year, especially in the past few months, there has been premeditated systematic campaign on Ethiopia by some Western governments. The entire plot was to bring the dictatorial ethnocentric disgruntled political group known as Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) back to power. In line with this, the big corporate media stations such as CNN, BBC and Reuters were engaged in broadcasting fake new that were meant to create a steps directed towards their desired end. They disseminated orchestrated propaganda and staged a media warfare.
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United Nations agencies have also been complicit of these actions. The narrative created about Ethiopia is sifted with fabricated stories intended to instill fear and havoc. All along, Ethiopia and Ethiopians remains to be resilient.

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