A Page in History: Advertising in the New York Times

How often do we find a 15-page illustrated advertisement on Ethiopia in the New York Times? Look again at the December 1, 1963 copy of the news magazine and you will find your answer. The ad insert in section 12 of the paper shows a full page view of the newly built ECA building in the capital, Addis Ababa. It’s title reads, “Ethiopia – Nation of Vast Potential and Great Opportunities.” This deliberate effort by Emperor Haile Selassie to portray Ethiopia as a strategic and stable place for business development is stunning and exceptionally beautiful. Glancing through the illustrations one can get a glimpse of Ethiopia’s cultural and environmental diversity as well as see rare photos as the one of the Emperor participating in New York’s ticker tape parade. Contents of the advertisement include the meeting of African leaders in the capital, Ethiopia’s granary and hydro-electric potential, her 3,000 year history and travel opportunities, as well as a five-year plan to spur the economy. The advertisement makes for a good reading leaving one a little more proud in having shown the outside world a fraction of our treasures

The New York Times