In Memory of Worku Lakew

Lij Worku Lakew, the 2nd of six children of Fitawrari Lakew Messai and Woizero Atkelesh Meshesha, was born in the town of Mida, Northern Shoa of Ethiopia, on March 4, 1944. In accordance with the practices of the Ethiopian nobility, his parents appointed a preschool teacher for him in their home, and was able to complete the traditional school in Modjo town, some 44 miles from Addis Ababa. He finished his elementary education at Emperor Menilik the II School after which he graduated from Haile Sellasie I Secondary school. Pursuing his education further, he came to the United States of America in1970 and joined the Portland City College, after which he took a flight training course at Oakland Sierra Flight Academy.

Lij Worku, Even at young age understood the values of embracing the cultures and traditions of various countries; a motivation which took him to a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. His intimacy of the history and culture of various countries played an important role later in his life to keep him a genially very close friend of an unprecedented number of people, a trait cherished by all who knew him and with whom he identified himself regardless of race, color, creed and religion, or age.

Lij Worku Lakew served in various organization, such as Wells Fargo Bank, in different capacities contributing invaluable services to the organizations for which he worked. Later in his life time, he was running a successful business of his own, Nile Driving School.

After brief hospitalization Lij Worku passed away on December 5, 2002. His funeral service was attended by members of his family and thousands of relatives and friends from all over the United States of America. He is survived by his wife Woizero Truework Abebe and his daughter Bethlehem Worku.

Tadias honors Worku Lakew. May God bless his soul.



Lij Worku Lakew