Ethiopians Sweep Houston Marathon

Ethiopia's Gebo Burka made a final kick to slip past countryman Girmay Gebru to win the men's race in the 2016 Houston Marathon on January 17, 2016. (Photo: Elizabeth Conley, Houston Chronicle)

San Francisco Chronicle

Through the first half of the men’s and women’s Houston Marathon, it looked like the Ethiopians’ grip on the race could be coming to an end.

Gebo Burka and Biruktayit Degefa made sure that didn’t happen. Both came from behind to win on Sunday.

This was the eighth straight year an Ethiopian man won in Houston and the 10th straight year an Ethiopian woman did so.

Burka, along with countrymen Girmay Gebru and Yitayal Atanfu, trailed Poland’s Artur Kozlowski by 1 minute, 1 second through 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) but rallied to overtake Kozlowski by 24.8 miles (40 kilometers).

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