Texas Teen Charged With Murder of 7-Eleven Clerk Yosef Tulu

Colten Moore gunned down Yosef Tulu during robbery. Later, the baby-faced 18-year-old gunman confessed to shooting another clerk a week before. (Photos: Garland Police Department)

New York Daily News

By Irving Dejohn

Oh, Thank Heaven, This Cold-blooded Killer Was Caught

A Texas teenager has confessed to fatally shooting a 7-Eleven clerk — and later copped to shooting an unrelated convenience store worker a week before, according to reports.

Baby-faced gunman Colten Moore, 18, of Garland, Texas, has been charged in the brutal murder of diligent Ethiopian immigrant Yosef Tulu with a long rifle on Tuesday, police said.

Police arrested him at his house on Wednesday, according to reports.

Moore — who burst into the store toting a scoped rifle and wearing a mask — also confessed to shooting a Homeboy’s gas station employee on Jan. 16. That victim survived, police said.

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