Ethiopian Women Sweep Tokyo Marathon

Ethiopian athletes Ruti Aga (center), Helen Tola (left) and Shure Demisse at the podium after winning the women's marathon in Tokyo on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019. (Photo courtesy: The Tokyo Marathon Foundation @TokyoMarathon)

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By Tadias Staff

Published: March 3rd, 2019

New York (TADIAS) — Ethiopian women won the top three spots at the 2019 Tokyo Marathon on Sunday.

The Ethiopian sweep was led by Ruti Aga who finished first with a time of two hours, twenty minutes and 40 seconds. She was followed by her compatriots Helen Tola who came in second in 2:21:01 and Shure Demisse who was third in 2:21:05. According to the International Association of Athletics Federations “it was the first Ethiopian women’s 1-2-3 in the history of the Tokyo Marathon.” Reuters adds: “Ethiopians have now won the women’s marathon in Tokyo in six of the last eight editions.”

Ruti Aga crosses the finish line at the Tokyo Marathon (Getty Images)

“The conditions were poor and there was a lot of water on the roads,” Ruti told IAAF. “But it was still a good race.”

Below is the result of the women competition at the 2019 Tokyo Marathon:

1 Ruti Aga (ETH) 2:20:40
2 Helen Tola (ETH) 2:21:01
3 Shure Demise (ETH) 2:21:05
4 Florence Kiplagat (KEN) 2:21:50
5 Bedatu Hirpa (ETH) 2:23:43
6 Ababel Yeshaneh (ETH) 2:24:02
7 Mao Ichiyama (JPN) 2:24:33
8 Joan Chelimo Melly (KEN) 2:26:24
9 Rose Chelimo (BRN) 2:30:35
10 Ruth Chebitok (KEN) 2:31:19

Ethiopia’s Birhanu Legese wins the men’s race at Tokyo marathon

Birhanu Legese wins the Tokyo marathon on Sunday March 3rd, 2019. (Getty Images)

Birhanu Legese of Ethiopia also won at the men’s marathon in Tokyo on Sunday, winning with a time of two hours, four minutes and 48 seconds. IAAF notes that Birhanu’s pace was the second-fastest winning time in the Japanese capital. “It is a good course,” Birhanu said. “Had the weather been better, I could have run 2:03.”

Highlighting Birhanu Legese’s achievement Reuters adds that “the 24-year-old was part of a small leading group for the first 30 kilometres before pulling away easily from runner-up Kenyan Bedan Karoki (2:06:48) and strolling to victory.”

Below is the men’s result at the 2019 Tokyo Marathon:

1 Birhanu Legesse (ETH) 2:04:48
2 Bedan Karoki (KEN) 2:06:48
3 Dickson Chumba (KEN) 2:08:44
4 Simon Kariuki (KEN) 2:09:41
5 Kensuke Horio (JPN) 2:10:21
6 Masato Imai (JPN) 2:10:30
7 Takuya Fujikawa (JPN) 2:10:35
8 Daichi Kamino (JPN) 2:11:05
9 Ryu Takaku (JPN) 2:11:49
10 Tadashi Isshiki (JPN) 2:12:21

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