Enchained (ቁራኛዬ): Special Lockdown Screening & Q&A – Sunday, May 24th

Director Moges Tafesse and Lead Actor Zerihun Mulatu, as well as other main characters, will join a discussion moderated by BBC journalist Hewete Haileselassie following a virtual screening of the film Enchained (ቁራኛዬ) on May 24th. (Courtesy photo)

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By Tadias Staff

Updated: May 18th, 2020

New York (TADIAS) – This coming Sunday on May 24th the cast and crew of the award-winning Ethiopian film Enchained (ቁራኛዬ) will participate in a live Zoom Q&A session from Addis Ababa answering questions from audiences around the world including the Ethiopian Diaspora community in the U.S.

The film’s Director Moges Tafesse and Lead Actor Zerihun Mulatu, as well as other main characters, will also join the discussion from Ethiopia. The virtual event, which is hosted by Habeshaview in collaboration with Tadias, will be moderated by BBC journalist Hewete Haileselassie.

“Enchained (ቁራኛዬ) discusses the commonly practiced justice process of early and mid-19th Century in Ethiopia, where institutional punitive prison did not exist, and the justice process was restorative,” the announcement states. “This practice has now been largely forgotten. Enchained sold out shows in Addis Ababa, London, New York and Washington DC. It was also selected as the opening film at the New African Film Festival, Silver Spring Maryland in March 2020.”

“Following the digital release of Enchained, we are delighted to announce that in collaboration with the New York online magazine, Tadias, we will be co-hosting an exclusive virtual discussion about the film with invited guests, cast and crew,” added Tigist Kebede, Co-Founder & Operations Director of Habeshaview.

“Let’s come together and spend this time to have an open discussion about love, justice, culture and poetry – all in one place!”

The movie Enchained (ቁራኛዬ) is currently available to watch on Habeshaview.

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