NYC art show for female Ethiopian runners

Above: By Steve Donnelly. The Sidewalk: acrylic on canvas; 24″ x 30″. Featured Piece.

New York: The Girls Gotta Run Foundation, Inc., raises money to buy athletic shoes for Ethiopian girls to support their participation in sports and help them continue their formal education.

In her December 2005 Washington Post article (“Facing Servitude, Ethiopian Girls Run for a Better Life”), Emily Wax pointed out that Ethiopian girls’ enrollment in school is among the lowest in the world, and women and girls are more likely to die in childbirth, due to early marrige, than reach sixth grade.

Ethiopia also has the highest rate of vaginal fistulas, a tearing of the vagina during childbirth that requires painful reconstructive surgery, often unavailable, in the world; and one of the largest caseloads of AIDS, forcing many girls to quit school to care for sick or widowed relatives.

Today, however, seven of the 10 top-earning athletes in Ethiopia are women.

Many girls and their parents have begun to see careers as professional runners as viable options in a country where girls as young as 12 can be sold as brides by parents desperate for dowry payments.

Many who train in order to stay in school and keep their options open, can, with the help of caring others, overcome many of the obstacles in their way.

Getting athletic shoes, however, is tremendously difficult. Inspired by their spirit and determination, and moved by their plight, a group of artists and committed others came together in early 2006 to form an organization to raise money to buy shoes for the girls; the Girls Gotta Run Foundation was born.

The group has organized an exibition at Phoenix Gallery in New York titled “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes”. The show will open on September 5, 2007.

Above: By Kay Bailey. Run a Mile in Her Shoes: quilt; 18 x 18″, with pictures on it including a linoleum cut printed onto cotton with acrylic paint and two photographs printed on cotton with an ink-jet printer. The quilt was machine pieced and sewn with free-motion stitching. Featured Piece.

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