UPDATE: SOLD OUT: Marcus & Maya to Host Brunch for the Horn in Harlem

A fundraiser benefiting famine relief in East Africa will be held this weekend at the Harlem residence of Chef Marcus Samuelsson and his wife Maya Haile. (Tadias is a sponsor of Brunch for the Horn of Africa)

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Check marcussamuelsson.com for the latest.

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Published: Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York (TADIAS) – Marcus Samuelsson and his wife Gate Maya Haile will be opening their home to the public this coming Sunday, September 18th, 2011 for “Brunch for the Horn of Africa.” The fundraiser focuses on the food crisis in the region.

“The famine in East Africa is worsening, yet it receives little mainstream news coverage,” Samuelsson said in a statement. “In just one short month, the number of famine regions in Somalia declared by the United Nations has risen from four to six.”

Samuelsson adds: “Also, with news of aid for famine victims not reaching affected areas because of insurgents, many of us in the West and other areas are wary of donating money to nonprofit organizations. I am a huge supporter of the relief efforts currently in place by the UN World Food Programme and UNICEF, and they do a phenomenal job, but I also want to make a more personal impact in relief efforts for famine victims in East Africa, especially in my homeland of Ethiopia.”

The United Nations has warned that a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions is unfolding in drought-hit areas of East Africa, including Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya. According to the U.N. it is the largest famine in 60 years. 12 million people are thought to be at risk of food insecurity this year, a much larger number in contrast to the widely publicized 1984 famine that killed approximately one million people. Ethiopians constitute 4.56 million of the current total food-insecure populations in the region.

“That is why I would like to invite you and your loved ones for a special brunch taking place at my home in Harlem to raise money for the famine,” Samuelsson said. “Please join me and my wife Maya on Sunday, September 18th, as we host you and fellow supporters in our home between 1pm and 4pm to raise money for famine victims.”

Samuelsson said Maya will travel to the regions on the Ethiopia/Somali border to deliver donations. “She will document her interaction with victims suffering from the famine and drought so you can see how your contribution will save lives and directly impact those who she helps,” he said. “You will be able to follow her progress on my website (MarcusSamuelsson.com) and through the hash tag #MayaHaile on my Twitter feed (@MarcusCooks).”

Tadias Magazine is a sponsor of this event and we encourage our audience to give with open hearts.
If You Go:
This event is SOLD OUT! You can follow @MarcusCooks on Twitter for the latest.


















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