Obama Staffer’s Tweet Sets Social Media Ablaze After Trump’s Africa Debacle

In the aftermath of President Trump's reportedly profane outburst about Africa and its people last week during a heated White House meeting on immigration, a tweet by former Obama staffer Gary Lee (seen above) has gone viral creating a comparison between Trump and his more globally admired predecessor who was famous for his calm, cool, collected and generous presidential manners. Below is a CNN interview with Gary Lee. (Photo by Former White House photographer Pete Souza)


Former Obama staffer’s viral tweet a message to Trump on immigration

Former White House staffer Gary Lee’s very first tweet went viral amid the fallout over President Donald Trump making disparaging comments about immigration from African countries and Haiti.

Over the weekend, the son of Korean immigrants tweeted a picture with his then boss, President Barack Obama, welcoming him into the Oval Office with his arms outstretched. Former White House photographer Pete Souza captured the moment.

Lee spoke to Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight” on Monday about the contrast between Trump and Obama. Lee said that while he found Trump’s comments around immigration upsetting, he believed Obama taught his staff “we could celebrate our diversities and that made us so much stronger.”

Lee left the Obama White House as a staffer in 2011 for a Fulbright Scholarship in Korea where he would study his parent’s language and culture. The viral photo with Obama was taken on Lee’s last day at the White House. The former President greeted Lee in Korean.

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