NYU Black History Month Exhibit: Time, History and Memory

The Black History Month exhibition A "CPT: Time, History and Memory", curated by Keith Miller and Salome Asega, will be held Feb 6-24 , 2012. The show includes nine images taken by Chester Higgins, Jr. along the River Nile in Ethiopia. (Photo: © Chester Higgins Jr. Ethiopia, 2007. Borja Woman inside a Temple)

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Feb 6-24 , 2012 | The Gallatin Galleries

New York – As elements of experience both History and Time seem at once ever present and invisible. So too, Memory, whether collective or personal, has the elusive quality of being unique, real and abstract all at once. In this way Time, History and Memory become modes of communication as much as means of experience. As communication, they are perhaps a common language, but they can also be a private language, a language of communion, understanding and unity. A language spoken, a memory shared. In trying to touch upon this theme of the uniqueness of language and of the experience of history, CPT: Time, History and Memory proposes a dialogue on the nature of this communication, and finally, this engagement with history and memory.

The artists:
Deborah Willis, Stephanie Dinkins, Brett Cook, Hank Willis Thomas, Sonia Louise Davis, Shani Peters, Jamel Shabazz, Chester Higgins, Sheila Pree Bright, Michael Forbes, Tahir Hemphill, Daniel Dawson

If You Go:
The Gallatin Galleries
1 Washington Place @ Broadway


















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