Short- term paid work: Assistance with Film Translation Needed

Assistance with Film Translation:

Our film is an independent documentary that follows one girl as she is adopted from an orphanage in Addis Ababa by a (white) American family. Weynshet, the main subject of the film, is 12 when we meet her in Addis, 13 when she meets her adoptive parents and comes to America with them. We document her transition and transformation over the next 2 years and end with her first return trip to Ethiopia for a visit,at 16. It’s a film that ultimately deals with many of the experiences of international adoptees, as well as extending into the experiences of immigrants to the US. We filmed in Addis a number of
times over the last 3 years and much of our material is in Amharic.

For the moment we are looking for a good translator: someone who knows both Amharic and English well. And who understands the cultural nuances of both worlds, especially of contemporary Ethiopia/Addis Ababa. It can be difficult work to translate as the material is documentary video – not interviews – but real scenes unfolding, sometimes with questionable microphone coverage. It can also be very satisfying for someone with an interest in documentary film or journalism and also in teenagers or immigration, etc. It’s short- term, periodic, paid work.

People who are interested should send a note to my email address:


















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