Study: DNA Traces Migration from Ethiopia

By Tadias Staff Writer
Saturday, February 23, 2008
Above: Members of the Stanford Genomic Resources team.
(Photo: Stanford News Service)

New York (Tadias) – Three new genomic studies released last week provide the most detailed road map yet of human diversity, offering insight into how humans spread from Ethiopia to populate the globe over the last 100,000 years.

Two of the studies appeared in Nature on Thursday, while a third appeared in Friday’s edition of Science.

The research supports the previously held notion that humans originated in Ethiopia, migrating outward until they reached all parts of the globe. But, according to GenomeWeb Daily News, an online news organization focused on advanced research tools in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics, “the genetic work brings a new level of precision to human migration studies, with each group finding subtle and intriguing details that shed light on different aspects of human genetic variation and ancestry.”

The studies offer evidence that our ancestors left what is now Ethiopia and went on to colonize North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, southern and central Asia, Australia and its surrounding islands, the Americas and East Asia.

The story of human migration revealed by DNA “compliments what’s known through history, linguistics or anthropology,” said Jun Li, the University of Michigan human geneticist who led the Science study.

According to GenomeWeb, in the largest of the three studies, a group of researchers based primarily at the Stanford Human Genome Center assessed 642,690 SNPs from 938 individuals from 51 populations. Their results, published in Science, provide a peek into the genetic variation both on a global scale as well as within relatively small geographic areas.

The research also suggests Ethiopians are the most genetically diverse, while Native American genomes exhibit the lowest genetic diversity. Middle Eastern, Asian, and European populations, on the other hand, fall somewhere in between.

“Diversity has eroded through the migration process,” University of Michigan geneticist, biostatistician, and evolutionary biologist Noah Rosenberg, said.

The study found evidence for decreasing haplotype heterozygosity in people as they moved further away from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They also found genetic evidence for differences in ancestry within populations. For instance, some individuals from the Middle East, such as Palestinians, Druze, and Bedouins, had ancestors from the Middle East as well as Europe and parts of South and Central Asia.

The results of these studies, while intriguing from a human ancestry perspective, may also provide insights into interpreting the genetics of some diseases, since they provide a framework for understanding genetic variation.

“One of the biggest problems … is that when you don’t take population or geographic origin into account in a large genetic study for studying something like heart disease — one of the complex traits — for instance, you end up confounding the study such that you don’t actually get real signals,” senior author Richard Myers, a geneticist at Stanford University said in Science magazine’s weekly podcast.

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    I look forward to Comments, other Statement, Questions; etc.

    Thanks Tadias and Staff’s.

    I Remain,

    Gabre Selassie

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