United Nations Association Film Festival: Two Films to Watch

The UNAFF Traveling Film Festival is a series of screenings sponsored by various United Nations Association chapters. Each event features a selection of films from previous UNAFF festivals, tailored to the needs and interests of the local community. The festival is free and open to the public.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New York (TADIAS) – The traveling United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) is screening films on girls’ education, as well as a story of an Ethiopian pastoralist, at Tribeca Cinemas in New York today (March 21st). The festival is free and open to the public.

Synopsis of films:

“To Educate A Girl” is a 74 minute film that takes a grassroots view of a United Nations global initiative to provide access to education & retention of girls in schools in Nepal and Uganda. UNAFF announcement says: “To Educate a Girl is a compelling look at the lives of young women who are striving to achieve their dreams in the face of conflict, poverty and gender bias.” Filmmakers will also be present at the screening.

“Jeans and Marto” is a 52 minute film produced by Federico Schiavi that features a young Ethiopian pastoralist in the Karrayu community who is “caught between modernity and tradition, pastoralist and urban lifestyles, and old and new generations that struggle to adapt to rapid transformation.” The film addresses issues of arranged marriage, academic achievement, traveling abroad, ethnic conflicts, and the fulfillment of dreams.

If you go:
Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
Free and Open to the Public
United Nations Association Film Festival
in conjunction with 12th Infopoverty World Conference
at Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varrick Street
New York, NY 10013
“To Educate A Girl” screening at 6pm
“Jeans and Marto” screening at 7:15pm
More info at: http://www.unaff.org













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