Ethiopian ‘Sesame Street’ teaches life-saving lessons

Above: Bruktawit Tigabu (R) is the co-creator of children’s TV
show “Tsehai Loves Learning,” gives health lessons to kids.

From Diane McCarthy, CNN
April 26, 2011

Every week CNN International’s African Voices highlights Africa’s most engaging personalities, exploring the lives and passions of people who rarely open themselves up to the camera. This week we profile Bruktawit Tigabu, co-creator of Ethiopian children’s TV show “Tsehai Loves Learning.”

(CNN) — For millions of Ethiopian children, it’s the most cherished moment of their day: a wide-eyed, smiling giraffe hops in front of them, crooning funny songs in a language they can understand.

The beloved sock puppet, known as Tsehai, is the star of a ground-breaking TV show that’s been revolutionizing childhood education in the east African country.

The brainchild of Ethiopian educator Bruktawit Tigabu and her husband Shane Etzenhouser, “Tsehai Loves Learning” is the only children’s TV show in Ethiopia in Amharic, the nation’s official and most widely spoken language. Read more.














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