Prism Prize Eligible Video: Liza – Rolla

Liza is an Ethiopian-Canadian R&B singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Toronto, Liza grew up in a traditional Ethiopian household immersed with the Ethiopian musical culture. (FYI Music News)

FYI Music News

Liza is an Ethiopian-Canadian R&B singer-songwriter who blends her culture into her music. She makes bright rhythmic R&B hits and her single Rolla has catchy and progressive rhythms.

Noor Khan, the director for the music video, is an artist, director and producer at her company Noor Khan Productions. She is an alumnus of the University of Toronto, OCAD and the Maryland Institute of College Art.

Online publication The Fader’s Sajae Elder wrote about Rolla, saying: “The track breaks down the uncertainty of a new relationship, its lyrics pondering whether a lover is in a relationship for the right reasons. With effortless vocals over airy, string-heavy production, Liza explores what it means to stick around through the ups and downs of a relationship.”

Del Cowie, via Yahoo News, wrote, “In addition to the stylish throwback performance choreography and in accordance with the video’s nostalgic feel, the clip is replete with scratchy film footage and a Queen and Slim-inspired vintage car in which Liza and her romantic interest are out for a drive.”

The music video has vintage vibes; from light leaks and film frames to dark grainy shots. Liza appears in the video donned in all black on stage, in front of her name in marquee lights and red velvet curtains. The jazzy song also features choreography envisioning a drive in the car. The music video is accompanied by scenes of Liza and Josh Obra in the car laughing and having a good time.

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