Bolé Road & Jomo Furniture Among 17 Black-owned Home Brands to Support

Bertu pillow by Bolé Road Textiles from NYC. Bolé Road along with the DC-based Ethiopian-American design company Jomo Furniture are among 17 Black-owned Home Decor Businesses highlighted by the interior decorating magazine House Beautiful as ventures that deserve your support right now. (Image: Bolé Road)

House Beautiful

Black-Owned Home Brands to Support Right Now

Over the past week, the country erupted in protests stemming from the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many, many more black citizens at the hands of the police. These deaths reflect the long history of racial injustice in America, and the protests have forced us to grapple with this history. We—as a country and an industry—have a long way to go. But as we strive to be more conscious about eradicating racism on every level, one of the easiest ways we can support the Black creative community is to buy from their shops, stores, and brands. Here, some of our favorite Black-owned home decor businesses to support with your dollars.

Bolé Road

Brooklyn-based Bolé road sells home linens, fabric, pillows, and more, all hand-woven in Ethiopia from butter-soft Ethiopian cotton.

Jomo Furniture

Ethiopian American artist Jomo Tariku makes sculptural, modern furniture from rich natural materials., as with the MeQuamya Chair, shown here.

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