Teza Comes to Oakland – Saturday June 9

Limited Bay Area screening of the award winning film Teza will take place at the Summit Hospital Auditorium in Oakland, California on Saturday, June 9, 2012.

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Updated: Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oakland (TADIAS) – Haile Gerima’s award winning film Teza will screen in the Bay Area today.

The critically acclaimed film explores the trauma of violence and its lasting impact on society using Ethiopia’s tumultuous political history as a backdrop. The movie uses the power of memory and flashbacks to recount the historical circumstances that have framed the context in which contemporary Ethiopia exists.

Teza follows the personal narrative of Anberber, who after leaving Ethiopia for Germany to become a doctor, is led to return to his home village by lingering spirits and haunting visions from his childhood. The movie chronicles Anberber’s internal struggle to stay true to himself and to his homeland. But above all, TEZA explores the possession of memory, a right humanity mandates that each of us has – the right to own our past.

IF You Go:
TEZA – A film by Haile Gerima & the Makers of Sankofa
Limited Bay Area Engagement
Saturday, June 9, 2012
2 screenings-4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Summit Hospital Auditorium
400 Hawthorne Avenue Oakland, CA 94609
Early arrival suggested-shows may sell out.
Haile Gerima’s films (ie-Sanfoka and Adwa) will be available for purchase on DVD.
For more info., contact: nabegaze@gmail.com or 510-568-9313

Watch: Teza trailer

Watch: Haile Gerima “The Cultural Contexts of Teza













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