Self-Portraits From Black Photographers Reflecting on America

Photo by Miranda Barnes.

The New York Times

Self-Portraits From Black Photographers Reflecting on America

Miranda Barnes

West Hempstead, N.Y.

I’ve been thinking of the rural and suburban black communities and how often redlining gets pushed aside during the conversations we are currently having. While Nassau County is no way near as isolating as other regions, systemic racism through zoning is a calculated form of oppression in Long Island, and I wanted to try and capture that isolation.

Chester Higgins Jr.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Too often, African-Americans are relegated behind the borders of indifference and extensive hatred. My people don’t feel safe. We are constantly being looted by the system — this has to stop. We did not invent structural racism in our society and can’t bring it down without allies. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I plan to keep standing up for the change that makes us all better people.”

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