Addis: A Local View by Metasebia Yoseph

Enrico, one of the oldest pastry shops in Addis. (Photograph: Girma Berta/@gboxcreative/instagram)

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Published: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

New York (TADIAS) — In the following multimedia presentation published by The Guardian, Metasebia Yoseph, Founder of Design Week Addis Ababa and author of A Culture of Coffee, highlight the sights and sounds of modern Addis Ababa with “the rhythmic pounding of construction, coupled with car horns, ambulances, dogs barking, random yelling in the street and the occasional rooster.” She also features video clips and photos of favorite nightly TV shows, local rock bands, street art and traditional singers.

“There are two divergent looks going on in the city: the trendy, slightly conservative style of young professionals, and the edgier youth subculture style. What ties both styles together is that they always feature a touch of cultural flair,” Metasebia writes.

And what’s the talk of the town? “Although most would assume the major talking point would be the recent elections, the real topic on everyone’s lips, regardless of their political affiliation, is car accidents,” Metasebia adds. “There are so many wrecked cars and destroyed roads that there are Facebook pages and forums dedicated to documenting the absurd pervasiveness of accidents in Addis Ababa.”

Driving in Addis is a topic of hot debate. (Photograph: Various/Facebook)

In the following video Metasebia gives a shout-out to comedian “Filfilu – his shtick is playing the idiot savant and his comedy covers everything from changing traditions to sex. No matter how crude a joke, he’s always able to charm you with his signature toothless smile.”

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Metasebia Yoseph’s Transmedia Project: ‘A Culture Of Coffee’

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