Spotlight on ‘Enkopa’: New Ethiopian Movie Based on True Story of a Young Migrant

Enkopa portrays the efforts for survival against the brutal and inhumane treatment of traffickers. It's a film dealing with displacement, betrayal, false hope and strength. (Courtesy photo)

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By Tadias Staff

Updated: July 17th, 2020

New York (TADIAS) — Enkopa is a timely new feature film based on the true story of a young Ethiopian migrant at the mercy of unscrupulous traffickers. The film delves deeper into familiar headlines of a generation of Ethiopian women and their efforts to survive the often brutal and inhumane treatment they are faced with as they travel illegally through Sudan and other neighboring countries in search of a better life abroad.

The press release added: “During the journey from Ethiopia to Canada, the main character, Enkopa, is faced with sexual abuse, the constant demand for more cash from her traffickers, as well as lack of support and huge expectation from her family back home. Despite the challenges, she does encounter friendship and love. Enkopa is a film dealing with displacement, betrayal, false hope and strength.”

Enkopa is the latest release from Habeshaview, the first international Ethiopian film distribution and online streaming company. Tigist Kebede, Habeshaview’s Operations Director, says the company “is committed to raising the profile of Ethiopian films and providing audiences around the world with quality movies that inspire.”

Watch: Enkopa (እንቆጳ) NEW! Ethiopian Movie Based On True Story – Trailer

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