As Americans Embrace Ethio­pian Cuisine, Its Farmers Grow More Teff

Ethio­pian food is becoming more mainstream in the United States. According to the The Washington Post, Ethiopians aren’t the only ones spurring the demand for teff. A combination of factors are driving the popularity and marketability of injera and teff in America. (The Washington Post)

The Washington Post.

By Emily Wax, Published: July 29

It’s almost midnight, but Zelalem Injera, an Ethio­pian bread factory housed in a cavelike Northeast Washington warehouse, is wide awake. As its 30-foot-long injera machine hums, Ethio­pian American businessman Kassahun Maru, 61, proudly explains that it cranks out 1,000 of the fermented Frisbee-shaped discs every hour for the region’s growing number of ethnic grocery stores, health food boutiques and Ethio­pian restaurants.

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