Ethiopia’s staple grain Teff taking root in Kansas

Above: Teff is an important food grain in Ethiopia and
Eritrea, where it is used to make injera, and less so in India
and Australia. It is now raised in the U.S. – Kansas and Idaho
in particular. (Wikimedia Commons).

The Kansas City Star

NICODEMUS, Kan. — A new “it” grain is blooming in the fields of northwestern Kansas. Teff has a ready-made market of Ethiopian expatriates hungering for a taste of home with virtually no supply of the grain for their beloved injera bread. Teff packs more protein per pound than wheat. And because it produces gluten-free flour, it could open a buffet line of breads and pastas to people with celiac disease. It also can withstand drought and floods and, so far, it hasn’t fallen prey to pests that bedevil other Midwestern crops. Read more.





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