Over 9,000 Ethiopians Waiting for Years in Gondar and Addis Ababa to Move to Israel

Israel has granted permission to over 9000 members of the last remaining Bete Israel community in Ethiopia to migrate to the Jewish State. (Photo: Ethiopians arriving in Israel in 2008/Photograph via Haaretz)



Updated: 11/16/2015

The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved an Interior Ministry proposal to resume aliya from Ethiopia, which was suspended in 2013.

Around 9,000 people have been waiting in Addis Ababa and Gondar transit camps for the past several years in the hopes of making their way to the Jewish state. However, Jerusalem closed its doors in 2013 following a ceremony at Ben-Gurion Airport at which officials declared the “end” of Ethiopian aliya.

The fate of the prospective immigrants has been a matter of some debate, with Ethiopian-Israeli activists protesting what they saw as the breaking up of families.

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