Names of Passengers Aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409

Ethiopian women mourn the death of a relative killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash. The plane reportedly veered off course before crashing in flames. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Published: Monday, January 25, 2010

New York (Tadias) – The Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star has published the names of passengers aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409, which crashed into the Mediterranean sea minutes after taking off from Beirut in stormy weather on Monday.

The 90 passengers and crew that perished hail from nine countries: Ethiopia, Lebanon, Britain, Canada, Russia, France, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.

According to the newspaper, the list was released by the The National News Agency of Lebanon.

Here are the names of passengers aboard flight 409:

1) Addis Abera Demise (Ethiopia)

2) Bahrnesh Megersa (Ethiopia)

3) Kidist Wolde Mariam (Ethiopia)

4) Elisabeth Tilhum Habtermariam (Ethiopia)

5) Rahel Tadese (Ethiopia)

6) Etenesh Admasie (Ethiopia)

7) Woinshet Meugistu Melaku (Ethiopia)

8 Azeb Betre Kebede (Ethiopia)

9) Tigist Shikur Hajana (Ethiopia)

10) Hani Gebre Gembezo (Ethiopia)

11) Alunesh Tkele (Ethiopia)

12) Shitu Nuri (Ethiopia)

13) Selam Zigdaya (Ethiopia)

14) Yikma Mohamed (Ethiopia)

15) Seble Agezc (Ethiopia)

16) Aynalem Tessema (Ethiopia)

17) Eyerus Alem Desta (Ethiopia)

18) Mekiya Sirur (Ethiopia)

19) Lakesh Zeleke (Ethiopia)

20) Tigist Anura (Ethiopia)

21) Askalesh Soboka (Ethiopia)

22) Meselu Beshah (Ethiopia)

23) Kevin Graingur (UK)

24) Marla Sanchez Pietton (France)

25) Akram Jassem Mohammad (Iraq)

26) Mohammad Abdel-Rahman Saii (Syria)

Names of Lebanese nationals:

1) Hanna Nakhoul Kreidy, born on 26/6/1987

2) Haidar Hassan Marji, born on 7/11/1976

3) Ali Youssef Jaber, born on 2/4/1967

4) Ali Ahmad Jaber, born on 5/8/1969

5) Abbas Mohammad Jaber, born on 13/7/1977

6) Mohammad Mustapha Badawi, born on 5/9/1970

7) Khalil Ibrahim Salah, born on 5/9/1961

8 Hassan Adnan Kreik, born on 25/1/1984

9) Saeed Abdel-Hassan Zahr, born on 5/10/1984

10) Hussein Ali Farhat, born on 25/1/1966

11) Mohammad Hassan Kreik, born on 14/10/2006

12) Ali Souheil Yaghi, born on 28/6/1973

13) Rawan Hassan Wazni, born on 27/6/1990

14) Bassem Qassem Khazaal, born on 10/3/1974

15) Haifa Ahmad Wazni, born on 25/10/1967

16) Ali Ahmad Tajeddine, born on 3/4/1979

17) Tanal Abdallah Fardoun, born on 1/2/1952

18) Mustapha Haitham Arnaout, born on 16/9/1986

19) Fouad Mahmoud Lakiss, born on 25/8/1946

20) Mohammad Kamal Akkoush, born on 23/12/1983

21) Toni Elias Zakhem, born on 18/6/1976

22) Hamzah Ali Jaafar, born on 31/5/1985

23) Hassan Mohammad Issaoui, born on 22/11/1951

24) Hassan Kamal Ibrahim, born on 13/12/1973

25) Ghassan Ibrahim Katerji, born on 15/12/1964

26) Haifa Ibrahim Farran, born on 25/9/1965

27) Hussein Youssef Hajj Ali, born on 26/7/1968

28) Fares Rashid Zebian, born on 28/9/1955

29) Farid Saad Moussa, born on 3/6/1966

30) Mohammad Ali Khatibi, born on 27/12/1989

31) Yasser Youssef Mahdi, born on 25/8/1985

32) Anis Mustapha Safa, born in 1941

33) Hussein Moussa Barakat, born on 16/12/1983

34) Antoine Toufic Hayek, born on 30/5/1965

35) Elias Antonios Rafih, born on 29/5/1959

36) Tarek George Barakat, born on 21/10/1971

37) Khalil Naji Khazen, born on 20/6/1967

38) Rana Youssef Harakeh, born on 1/2/1980

39) Mohammad Abdel-Hussein Hajj, born on 24/1/1957

40) Julia Mohammad Hajj, born on 2/8/2007

41) Hussein Kamal Hayek, born on 15/11/1977

42) Assaad Massoud Feghali, born on 22/4/1965

43) Ziad Naeem Ksaifi, born on 5/10/1974

44) Reda Ali Mastoukirdi, born on 31/3/1968

45) Albert Jerji Assal, born on 4/11/1959

46) Imad Ahmad Hather, born on 13/5/1980

47) Fouad Mohammad Jaber, born on 6/5/1957

48) Khalil Mohammad Madani, born on 1/12/1968

49) Hasan Mohammad Abdel- Hassan Tajeddine, born on 15/8/1960

50) Yasser Abedel-Hussein Ismail, born on 1/4/1973

51) Jamal Ali Khatoun, born on 5/11/1973

52) Afif Krisht (Lebanese British), born on 29/4/1954

53) Abbas Hawili (Lebanese Canadian), born on 2/11/1945

54) Anna Mohammad Abbs (Lebanese Russian), born on 23/1/1973

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