NYC: DA Re-Examines Killing Of Malcolm X

Malcolm X was one of America's most famous activists of the civil rights era. (Getty Images)

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By Tadias Staff

Published: February 11th, 2020

In New York, Prosecutors Re-Examine the Killing Of Malcolm X

New York (TADIAS) — More than five decades after the African-American civil rights activist Malcolm X was assassinated at Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom in New York City on February 21st, 1965, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office announced this week that it is re-examining the case in light of new evidence brought forth through the new documentary film series on Netflix titled “Who Killed Malcolm X?”

In a statement provided to New York television station Pix 11, the Manhattan DA’s office stated: “District Attorney Vance has met with representatives from the Innocence Project and associated counsel regarding this matter. He has determined that the district attorney’s office will begin a preliminary review of the matter, which will inform the office regarding what further investigative steps may be undertaken. District Attorney Vance has assigned Senior Trial Counsel Peter Casolaro and Conviction Integrity Deputy Chief Charles King to lead this preliminary review.”

According to Essence magazine “the six-part docuseries, “Who Killed Malcolm X,” provides significant evidence to discredit the convictions of two men, Khalil Islam who died in 2009 and Muhammad Abdul Aziz. Both served more than two decades for the activist’s death. It also sheds light on four additional men from a mosque in Newark, New Jersey, who were named in the 1970’s as having been connected to the killing.”

In a follow-up article The Washington Post adds:

“Historians have long believed that police and prosecutors botched the investigation. Conspiracy theories about police misconduct and hidden evidence have festered. And some critics believe most of the assassins who fired at the civil rights leader managed to get away, leading to the wrongful convictions of two members of the Nation of Islam. “Who Killed Malcolm X?” largely follows the work of historian and Washington tour guide Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, who spent years piecing together declassified FBI documents, interviewing former members of Nation of Islam mosques in New Jersey and New York City, and tracking down four other potential assassins named by Hayer but never formally investigated by authorities.

Previously known as the Audubon Ballroom, the historic location where Malcolm X was killed is now re-named as The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center. Essence notes that “On Friday, Feb 21st, they will commemorate his life with a screening and discussion of the Netflix / Fusion TV docuseries.”

In his autobiography Malcolm X had highlighted the history of ancient Ethiopia as one of his earliest memories that inspired his intellectual curiosity. “I can remember accurately the very first set of books that really impressed me,” Malcolm enthused, “J.A. Rogers’ three volumes told about Aesop; about the great Coptic Christian Empires; about Ethiopia, the earth’s oldest continuous black civilization.”

Regarding the case’s reexamination, Barry Scheck, Co-Founder of the Innocence Project shared in a statement: “We are grateful that District Attorney Vance quickly agreed to conduct a review of the conviction.”


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