Israel Appoints Ethiopian Immigrant as Ambassador to Ethiopia

Beylanesh Zevadia arrived in Israel from Ethiopia in 1984; she will go back to Addis Ababa in the summer as Israel's Ambassador to her birthplace. (The Jerusalem Post)

Voice of America

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has announced the appointment of its first ambassador of Ethiopian descent.

Balaynesh Zevadia will serve as the country’s main diplomat at its Ethiopian embassy in Addis Ababa.

In a statement, the foreign ministry said her appointment “conveys an important message to Israeli society which is currently dealing with the issue of racism towards Ethiopians in Israel.”

Zevadia described her appointment as a “great honor,” saying it is proof that “in Israel opportunity is available to everyone, native Israelis and new immigrants alike.”

The 44-year-old immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at the age of 17 to study. She joined the Israeli foreign service in 1993 and served in consulates in Chicago (Illinois) and Houston (Texas).

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