A Memoir of the First U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia in 1903

Abyssinia of Today

A Book By Robert P. Skinner (The First U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia)

For over a century now close relations between the United States and Ethiopia have endured nearly uninterrupted.

The extraordinary relationship between the two countries begun in 1903 when President Theodore Roosevelt Authorized 37-year-old Robert P. Skinner to negotiate a commercial treaty with Emperor Menelik.


Upon returning home from this historic trip to the Emperor’s Court, Skinner wrote a remarkable memoir recounting his two-month journey to Ethiopia. Abyssinia of Today is a fascinating narrative of the first American diplomatic mission to black Africa.

Those who do not have a copy of Ambassador Skinner’s original issue of Abyssinia of Today will find this completely authentic centennial reprint a valuable piece of Ethiopiana.

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