Ethiopians Gather Beneath Washington Monument to Celebrate New Year

In what was organizers called one of the Washington metropolitan area’s largest gathering of Ethiopians in the region, thousands of people came from Virginia, Maryland and the District on Sunday to mark the Ethiopian New Year. (The Washington Post)

The Washington Post
By Emily Wax

They arrived by foot and taxi, Metro and minivan, tens of thousands of Ethio­pian Americans gathering beneath the Washington Monument, some waving their country’s flag, others dressed in the traditional gauzy-white clothing of their homeland. Tourists wandered by and wondered what was happening. World Cup? Political demonstration?

Not this time.

In what organizers called one of the region’s largest gatherings of Ethiopians, thousands of people came from Virginia, Maryland, the District and several other East Coast areas Sunday evening to celebrate a holiday that falls on Sept. 11: the Ethio­pian New Year.

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