Election 2014: What You Need to Know About Tuesday’s Midterm US Elections

Thom Tillis, the Republican candidate for Senate in North Carolina, greeted supporters in Asheville on Friday. (Credit Mike Belleme for The New York Times)


Things to look for in Tuesday’s midterm elections:

Control of the Senate:

• The Republicans need to pick up six seats in order to gain the majority. They have about a 70 percent chance of doing so, according to the latest forecast from The Upshot.

• They appear to be in strong position to win four seats held by Democrats — in Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia.

• The task could be complicated if they lose Republican-held seats in Georgia, Kansas and Kentucky — three races that remain close.

• The other Senate races that will likely will determine the balance of power are in purple states currently held by Democrats — Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

• In Louisiana, a three-way race could mean no candidate gets 50 percent, leading to a runoff, which would not be held until December.

The House:

• Republicans will almost certainly maintain control.

• The big question is how many seats they will pick up and whether a bigger majority will make Speaker John A. Boehner’s job easier or harder, as he tries to keep his caucus together.

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