When Will Ethiopia Lose Its Famine Image?

This week’s BBC report has been described as “sensational” by the Ethiopian Embassy in London, but the UN says Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in decades impacting more than fifteen million people. (BBC)


By Amelia Butterly

“There will not be famine of any sort, let alone anything remotely like the magnitude of that of 1984,” says the Ethiopian Embassy in London.

For people aged over 30, that sentence, coming from Ethiopian officials, holds a special kind of meaning.

Because those people saw the TV reports in the 1980s showing thousands of children and adults starving to death.

Now, three decades on, the United Nations is warning that 15 million Ethiopians will need food aid by 2016.

This week’s BBC report has been described as “sensational” by the Ethiopian Embassy.

In it, one man who lived through the famines of the 1980s says he expects the same thing will happen to Ethiopia again in the coming months.

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