Arrests at Saudi Embassy Protest in Addis

Police crackdown on demonstrations against targeted attacks on Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. The government said protesters did not have a permit to demonstrate and confirmed that arrests.

Associated Press

Updated: Friday, November 15, 7:18 AM

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopian police used force Friday to disperse hundreds of people protesting against targeted attacks on Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia.

Police units blocked roads to prevent the protest at the Saudi Arabia Embassy from growing. Some two dozen people were detained. The police also forced some journalists to delete photos.

Many foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are fleeing or are under arrest amid a crackdown on the kingdom’s 9 million migrant laborers. Close to 500 Ethiopians have been repatriated. Last weekend, Saudi residents fought with Ethiopians, and video emerged of a crowd dragging an Ethiopian from his house and beating him.

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