4th Annual Artists for Charity Holiday Benefit

AFC will hold its annual holiday benefit event on Sat., December 4th at the WVSA Gallery in Washington, D.C. (AFC)

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Updated: Friday, December 3, 2010

New York (Tadias) – With the holiday season upon us and in this season of giving, we’d like to highlight the work of Artists for Charity (AFC) – a network of artists, volunteers and donors who operate a home for HIV positive orphans in Addis Ababa. The non-profit organization will hold its 4th Annual Holiday Benefit Art Auction, featuring the work of emerging and established artists, on Saturday, December 4th at the WVSA Gallery in Washington, D.C.

The AFC Children’s Home got its start seven years ago after its founder Abezash Tamerat, a young soul-searching artist traveled to Ethiopia and learned firsthand about the impact of HIV/AIDS on children.

In her bio that she sent to Tadias, Tamerat states: “In 2003, I traveled to Ethiopia and saw first-hand the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Having lost their parents to the deadly virus, many children were left unable to fend for themselves as orphans. Relatives took in these children only to find the bonds of family too weak to overcome the stigma of AIDS in Ethiopia; they were neglected and abused by the very people they looked to for help. Having grown up in the foster care system in the United States I knew that these children deserved better. They deserved the same opportunities that I received. Compelled to act, I started a children’s home for HIV-positive double orphans who had been turned away by other childcare organizations because of their age, poor health, or disability. I was ridiculed at first. People asked me why I would start a home for dying children. At that time, there were no guarantees that these children would live to see their next birthday. But for as long as they are given hope, the spirit in children is strong. Surrounded by a loving environment, placed on a nutritious diet, and provided life-saving antiretroviral medication, these children have not only survived – they have thrived.”

Artists for Charity Founder Abezash Tamerat. (Photo Courtesy of Artistforcharity.org)

Fast forward to 2010 and the home still provides all the basic necessitates for these children, such as food, shelter, medical attention, school fees and supplies. The group also has other projects, including an Artist-in-Residency program which allows qualified volunteers to spend up to a year in Ethiopia while sharing their creative talent with AFC children.

“Seven years later, Artists for Charity is going strong,” Abezash says. “We have grown into an international network of artists, volunteers, and donors; each is dedicated to our mission — proving that many people working together can accomplish much for those who need hope the most. If you feel compelled, I hope you choose to join us and become an Artist for charity.”

The annual art auction, which helps to raise funds for the organization, is scheduled for Saturday, December 4th in Washington, D.C.

If You Go:
AFC’s 4th Annual Holiday Benefit & Art Auction
WVSA Gallery (1100 16th Street, NW)
Advance tickets: $20
Ticktes at the door: $25
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Learn more at Artistforcharity.org

Video: Artists for Charity Children’s Home

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