‘Sincerely, Ethiopia’: New Documentary Unveils Inspiring Tales From Ethiopia

The main characters in the film include Addisu of Adugna Community Dance Theatre, educator Biruktawit Tagesse, CNN Hero Yohannes Gebregeorgis, and founder of BCDA, Eden Gelan. (Courtesy photograph)

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To much of the world, Ethiopia, along with other large parts of Africa, is often depicted as a poverty-stricken, famine-saturated land crumbling from conflict.

To Ethiopian natives, the country is seen in a more honest and uplifting light that exposes the people’s strong sense of pride and the land’s transcendent beauty often reflected in its rich culture.

In fact, Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and the continent’s second-most-populous nation.

Its lush red soil is draped across its breathtaking landscapes and constructs the foundation of a country that is home to over 93 million people – many of whom do face the harsh realities aforementioned – yet carry on with a grounded sense of strength and courage.

Yet while the challenges Ethiopia has faced (and currently still tackles) are well documented, the admirable ability of its people to overcome hardships has often been overlooked – until now.

Budding filmmaker Nathan Araya has stepped in to fill that void with his latest documentary Sincerely, Ethiopia.

Araya, a 28-year-old Ethiopian-American, set out to tackle the public’s negative perceptions of his homeland by shifting his film’s focus to display a more positive portrayal of Ethiopian life and culture.

In doing so, Araya uncovered more of the country’s hidden gems, which he discovered were nestled in the inspiring narratives of eight Ethiopians who have dedicated their lives to addressing the country’s ongoing challenges.

“Growing up as an Ethiopian-American and being able to see what the media has portrayed about Ethiopia and their lack of knowledge, it has always been very negative,” Araya told theGrio. “The documentary was an opportunity for me to not to negate the negative images of Ethiopia but to provide another side to the story that the world has never seen.”

One man’s mission tells a nation’s story

Araya was born in Dallas, TX to Ethiopian parents and while he had never visited his homeland, he grew up in a household that celebrated the country’s rich traditions.

He also had a natural knack for media and earned a large following of fans and supporters over the years from various video skits he posted on You Tube.

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