Rumors of War: Eritrea says attacked by Ethiopia

Above: Eritrea says it has killed 10 Ethiopian soldiers and
captured two accusing its neighbor of launching the attack.
Ethiopia denies the claim. (Photo: President Afewerki – NYT)

Eritrea accused arch-foe Ethiopia on Sunday of launching attacks along their disputed border but said its troops had driven off the assault, killing 10 Ethiopian soldiers and capturing two. The Eritrean foreign affairs ministry said soldiers from Ethiopia’s ruling Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had attacked on Friday in the Zalambesa area. Ethiopian officials were not immediately available for comment. Read more.

Eritrea says it killed 10 Ethiopian troops
Sun Jan 3, 2010
Bereket Simon, the Ethiopian government’s head of information, accused the Eritrean government of trying to cover up an attack by Eritrean rebels in which 25 Eritrean government soldiers were killed. “This new allegation that it killed Ethiopian soldiers is an attempt by the regime in Asmara to deflect its internal crisis by implicating Ethiopia,” he told Reuters. Read more.

10 Responses to “Rumors of War: Eritrea says attacked by Ethiopia”

  1. 1 Kostara Jan 4th, 2010 at 10:16 am

    What is this war mongering business? Both the Ethiopian and the Eritrean people are sick and tired of being sick and tired about war. The last time around, only a decade ago, 70, 000 people perished in this damn war. 70, 000 human beings with mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters…for what? This is the usual amateur-time for our so called leaders. Isayas Afewerki is behaving like a gurella leader. Can somebody please remind him that there is a big difference between being a rebel leader and being a head of state. Act civilized please. Both countries can not afford to have another war based on few individuals’ bad temperament. This does not bid well both for Ethiopia and Eritrea. Most imporatntly, the Ethiopian leaders must realize that the only and swift way to permanently stop Eritrea’s expansionist ambitions is to unleash the potential of the Ethiopian people through an honest democratic system. Then, Eritrea will be easily stopped with a united effort from all corners of Ethiopia.

    In regards to Eritrea, whatever happened about all the propaganda that Eritra was going to be the next Taiwan of Africa? TAIWAN MY FOOT. Instead, according to Amnesty International, the tiny nation of Eritrea has turned into a giant prison, thanks to their president who has not lost the old ways of being gurella, including the girly shoes and kaki pants.

  2. 2 Yonas Jan 4th, 2010 at 11:00 am

    offcourse ETH denies it. I probably would do the same to protect my country. We are still growing and stronger then before. Yonas from Keren, ERITREA

  3. 3 .R. Jan 4th, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Eritrea is going to crush Ethiopia. Every time if Ethiopia attacks Eritrea, everybody is going to see 10 at Ethiopia side.

  4. 4 Wolloyewu Jan 4th, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Great news for oppressed Ethiopians.

    Its the only opportunity to vanish the most despicable government ever in the history of Ethiopia.
    Every single individual claiming loving his mother land and indebted of his mother land should stand along side the Eriterian government.

    Because it is the only country especially the current Eri-govt supporting currently at odd with TPLF. other wise there is no other route to kick off the attack against the vampire.

    So ‘Every thing is towards the war front’ to eliminate tplf from the land of Ethiopia before it is too late to ave mother land Ethiopia. Because they are on the final stage to hand over fertile lands of Ethiopia to Sudan.

    There is no time to hesitate this is the time longing for so long to set Ethiopia free.


  5. 5 Saba Jan 5th, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Some Eritreans are in denial, not to accept the disappointment of their country’s leadership..they still try to tell the world their country has democracy and has good economy, Please.. it is all {a sham} contrary to the information out there about Eritrea’s dire situation. .. ya..little Rome keep on dreaming…instead you should accept reality and work to solve your problems, instead of insulting and attacking Ethiopia.

  6. 6 Docho Jan 5th, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    There is an Ethiopian saying: Yeraswa arobat, yesew tamasilalech (She is meddling in other people’s kitchen, while here own pot is burning). That applies to Mr. Issayas who meddles in the business of his neighbors, while his people are starving and collapsing under his suffocation.

    Since Eritrea became Independent in the early 90s, it has fought and lost embarrassing wars with all its neighbors: Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Djibouti. Who is next? Egypt?

    Under Esayas’ leadership the port of Asseb, which could have been a cash cow for Eritrea, has now become a playground for camels. What a shame? Yea, falsely declaring you killed 10 Ethiopian soldiers will bring food for your people. Keep on dreaming your fools dream. Only work will bring you food and peace, not war.

    There is so much ignorance that it is really terrifying! All these pro-war comments about killing and crushing Ethiopia teaches me that what really unites Eritreans is not their love for their country, but rather their hatred towards Ethiopia. And that’s exactly what Eritrea’s twisted dictator is playing into. In my view that is sick. In my opinion both governments are rotten. Both the Ethiopian and the Eritrean people can do better than this. Don’t listen to this ignorant-war-mongers. We are brothers and sisters. We share the same culture, food, language, we date each other, we marry with each other, we attend each others weddings. We party together. We get high together. Why can’t we get along please? Yes, we have to admit the situation of the Eritreans when they were part of Ethiopia was not fair, but they were better off under Ethiopia, than under Afeworki. there is no question about that. We must also admit that the worst crimes against Ethiopian citizens of Eritrean origin was committed by the Meles regime. Deportation? Even the evil Mengistu did not do that.

    Let us make love not war please!!

  7. 7 Selam Jan 8th, 2010 at 10:33 am

    My fellow brothers,

    The last time I checked we (Ethiopian/Eritrea) are the two poorest countries in the world. I can’t believe at this satge we still talk about war. why can’t we get along. Screw Meles and Esayas. Our loyality should be not to these tyrants but, to our fellow Ethiopians/Eritreans. I don’t want to see another (Ethiopian/Eritrean)mother to lose another son. For what? Just think of the people who fought for over 30 yrs and now jailed because they questioned their government. We should not beat these war drum. We can’t be used as tools for these merciless cowards. We need to focus on bringing peace and stability in our part of the world. When are we going to start using our brains. They would go to any distance to stay in power. Let us not fall for their dirty politics. Stop the blame politics.

  8. 8 Issu Jun 23rd, 2010 at 10:41 am

    In reality speaking that Eritrea is much stronger than ethiopia so that if Ethiopia attacks Eritrea that is clearly that leads to the dismantling of Ethiopia.


  9. 9 La'Lainaa Oct 26th, 2010 at 4:47 pm


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