Music Video Buzz: Bole Bole by Liya Kebede; Tadias by Hahu

Above: Screen grab of footage from Bole Bole music video directed by Liya Kebede - inverted colors.

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Published: Monday, December 12, 2011

New York (TADIAS) – Among youth worldwide, hip hop is a universal language, and so too among Ethiopians.

Two new music videos have been getting a lot of buzz lately: The first is called Bole Bole, which was staged at Studio 21 in New York, is directed by Supermodel Liya Kebede.

The second video is made by the Ethiopian hip-hop group Hahu, who have come out with a single entitled ‘Tadias.’

Both videos have positive lyrics combining Amharic and English words with a fusion of Eastern and Western beats and rhythms.

Click here to watch Bole Bole.
Click here to watch Tadias by Hahu.

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