Photographers & Artists in Ethiopia & Diaspora Launch COVID-19 Fundraising

Faces of Sendafa (Photo by Adam Mengistu -Prints for Ethiopia)

Tadias Magazine

By Tadias Staff

Updated: May 14th, 2020

New York (TADIAS) – This week a group of photographers and artists based in Ethiopia and the Diaspora are launching an online fundraising campaign called ‘Prints for Ethiopia,’ donating artwork for sale to address the country’s call for action during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Organizers state that their fundraising effort is geared toward providing assistance to street children in Addis Ababa who are severely affected by the slowdown of social and business activity in the city.

“Inspired by similar action in London and New York, we are hoping to support our city with the simple concept— Buy Prints, Feed Community,” the announcement states. “Each is donating one print in support of Addis Ababa based social enterprise, Temsalet Kitchen, with all proceeds going towards feeding homeless kids and families in Addis Ababa during the COVID-19 crisis.”

The project is led by Gelane Dissassa, who lives in Ethiopia and Germany, as well as U.S.-based filmmaker Edelawit Hussien and features “unsigned limited edition prints of 8 x 11 inches in quantity of 10 with a worldwide shipping option as well as local pick-ups in Addis Ababa.”

The press release added:

Temsalet Kitchen is a social enterprise restaurant located in the Sarbet area of Addis Ababa that exists to give single mothers and vulnerable women a platform to thrive by providing training as well as job opportunities. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, Temsalet Kitchen has begun to daily feed around a hundred people around the Megenagna and Tekle Haykmanot area. They also ensure that follow-up programs for street children are provided and available to help them re-integrate their way back into society and to ultimately give them a platform for healing and growing by partnering with local social workers.

Until now, the social business has not asked for any donations to facilitate this initiative. As the state of emergency has been called out for the next four remaining months, the founders are now calling people to action. We want to support this great act of kindness financially with your help and increase the number of the people that are being served daily as well as ensure the longevity of the initiative until things go back to normal.

You can learn more and support at The website will be launched on Thursday, May 14th, 2020.


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